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Engi no ito

We weave trees,to make our culture and nature bridged to our future.
Wear the trees
New organic warmth
Comfortable and connected with nature
Life to live with nature

Yarn of " Engi no ito project "
~ Circulation · Harmony · Sustainability ~

“Engi no Ito” is committed to designing woodorigin fabric products that are appreciated by users for their comfortable daily use as well as supporting sustainable natural resources. Trees grow having unique characteristics in each region of the world and particular relationship with people living there, which are precious resources.
However, until now the use of fallen trees or timbers from forest thinning are very limited. Our solution is to give a new life to trees that would normally be wasted. The trees are invited into our lives and we are rewarded with true “natural-feeling” fabric products. We believe this concept and our original process- technology as well as the supply-chain becomes a wonderful SDGs cycle.
“Engi no Ito,” respects the stories of every tree in the renowned regions; plans and produces clothing, utensils, and a variety of fabric products. We believe that our products support a sustainable earth. Our customers enjoy the feeling that they are contributing to the environment.

Material characteristics

Excellent water absorbency, quick drying, deodorant, light and supple warmth. Washable at home, therefore you can use it comfortably.

想 omoi

The bond of woods.The important story that connects nature and way of my life.

"Engi" aims to create the future of harmonious coexistence between nature and humans through its activities.

Precious memories of nature.
The comfort of nature.
The mystic stories that connect nature and human.

Feel the flow of natural circulation, feel nature's comfort, and live by loving it.
We active in hope of creating such manufacturing and opportunities.

掌 tanagokoro

Heart and skill that loves nature.It's Japan's new organic

Nature and human friendly living and tools that Japanese cherish since ancient times.

"Engi" is Japanese sustainable fabrics produced with the traditional manufacturing process and new technolpgy.

"Engi"conveys the unique culture in the Japanese community,the spirit and technology of manufacturing to the future. We take our pride in manufacturing with pure japanese products.

紡 tsumugu

Ancient feelings living in trees.Take advantage today, spin into the future.

Wood chips, edge material falling down in the manufacturing process, and thinned timber cut out to protect beautiful forest.
All irreplaceable and important grace of nature, a piece of life.

By spinning as yarn, we utilize as a form of new life and connect it to the future.

寛 kutsurogi

Wear a trees.Relax in nature.

Clothes and goods of "Engi" are born from the woods.
To feel the connection with nature,enjoy the warmth and healing of living woods.
That's what we believe in our manufacturing.

Relax and enjoy your life,enjoy taste of aging.

"Engi"is introducing the Ethical Life, a joy of living with nature.

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